Help needed with compile - academic humanities manuscript

Dear all,

I am trying to finish an academic manuscript on a deadline. I have recently updated to Scrivener 3 and am finding compile so different from what I remember. All I want to do is export a formatted text to Word, keeping footnotes, comments without hyperlinks, and single-spaced block quotes intact, and I cannot seem to get this to happen without rereading an entire manual, it seems, which sadly I don’t have time to do at the moment.

I don’t want things like # between my sections, or hyperlinks, or footnotes as numbers instead of superscript, all of which seem to be appearing when I compile. Does anyone have an academic essay compile preset they’d be willing to share? Alternatively, if anyone would be willing to talk me through what to do in compile for about 15-20 minutes, I would gladly pay.

Thank you in advance,

Amarama :slight_smile:

As you are in a hurry to get this done I would recommend that you start by trying each of the Compile Formats listed on the left of the Compile format that to see which one gives you the best result. Then contact contact support to fix any remaining issues. Or if you prefer to see what you can fix yourself then hit the + button to Duplicate & Edit Format and look through the different settings. Most of the things you want to change are easily found if you go through each tab in the format, one at a time.

One key difference between v2 and 3 is that to get best results you should make sure you go in Assign Section Layouts in Compile to set appearance of each section type.