Help needed.

Hi, I’m a little confused.

In previous Scrivener tests I have had a bar toward the top of the screen, with a little sand timer shaped thing on it, by dragging this across the bar it shows were my writing will start, there’s one for where to make the writing end too.

But I’ve just started a new project and the bar is gone, I can’t seem to find it anywhere, I’ve been through the options but can’t seem to find it.

Without making adjustments to the bar my work feels strange, and it’s stopping me writing, I’m so used to having it set out a particular way. Also now my writing goes off the page and doesn’t go down to the next line, again stopping me from writing.

Please help me! I need this bar badly!

Thank’s in advance for any help provided

I think what you’re talking about is the ruler. It’s under Format -> Show Ruler or the keyboard short cut is Cntrl + Shift + R

Yes, that is what is was! Thank you very much!!!

If you’re finding that you’re always adjusting the ruler every time you start a document, you may want to change the default formatting by going into Tools > Options… and clicking the “Editor” tab. You can adjust the ruler in the sample preview there and it will become the default for all new documents you create.