HELP! Needing Assistance with Changing Colors

Hello all.

So I recently learned about the color customization features for Scrivener and have been playing around with them a bit. However, I am finding it incredibly difficult to create a few variations on “dark themes” that cut down on eye strain. I’ve seen some users that have alternating black/grey insepctor menus in Composition mode, for example, but cannot figure that out. Does anyone have any color combos they’d be willing to share? I’d love to hear about any/all that you use even if they aren’t Dark themes.

Also, is it possible to change the color of the “menu” area that runs along the top of the screen? It’s incredibly distracting when trying to use darker colors.

As for the main interface you won’t have much luck making the whole thing dark. We use native programming tools to create the software, and they don’t have a “dark mode”. There is a Use a dark gray theme checkbox at the very bottom of the Appearance preference pane, but that’s about as close as you can get.

Regarding the Inspector in Composition mode, I’m not sure how you’re seeing anything other than black/grey, that’s the only way it is displayed.

That’s a part of your Mac, not Scrivener, more like the Dock. If you are using a more recent version of macOS, you can change this globally in the “General” System Preferences pane.

By the way, would it be easier to just invert the colour scheme on the Mac at night? It sounds like you’re trying to make the whole screen dark, assuming that you run Scrivener maximised so that you can see nothing else, I guess it would make sense to try and tune only one program to work that way—but otherwise it would make more sense to me to just make the whole Mac dark. The Display tab of the Accessibility pane should help. I prefer both “Invert colors” and “Use grayscale”.

Also check out f.lux if you haven’t. It takes a less drastic approach to what a screen should look like at night. I find a “candlelit” look to be very low tension, even when the room around me is quite dark.