HELP! new project replaced old project.

I just started a new project (a second draft of the old project) which seems to have entirely replaced my old project. From my old project on scrivener which i opened (as i always do) from my external hard disk, i selected a new project (B) from the menu. i then dragged and dropped the few pieces of material i needed from the old project into the new project . (the two projects were open side by side) i then closed the old project (A) with the red button in top LH corner (knowing it was all backed up). when i tried to re-open A from ‘recent projects’ it opened B, even though it was called A. I then tried to open A from the hard disk where it was last saved, and it opened B. I then tried to open A from my back-up zip file on the desktop and it opened B. All I have now is B. I have none of my research material and only about an eighth of my work…HELP! :confused: :confused:

I’ll have some of what she’s having.

Sorry, I’m a little bit confused about the process you describe. Could you please break down into steps (1, 2, 3 etc) exactly what you did, what you expected, what menu commands you used, what you saw on screen at each step, and what ultimately happened?

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