Help New User Need Select/Copy/Paste Ch.Synop into WORD

I’m new, my working MS is still in WORD - 400 page draft. I generated my chapter synopses - 300 bits, not need for subcategories because I am moving text around first. I need to select copy and paste all the chapter synopses and drop them whole into a WORD document. How? There is no way to select all the synopses together and copy and paste. Thanks for your help.

Hi and welcome,

If I understand you properly, probably the best way to do what you want is to compile your project to a single rtf document, using the Synopses and Titles pre-set, and open the rtf document in Word. Chapter 23 of the Scrivener User Manual, “Compiling Your Draft”, especially pages 305 and 306, explains.

At first sight it may seem complicated, but it’s actually straightforward, and will be a lot quicker than copy and paste.


Like Hugh said, you can compile these. The manual is your best bet for detailed info, but the quick start version would be:

Click the compile button:
compile button.jpg

Press the little blue arrow thing to show all the compile options:

Change the checkboxes from showing the ‘Text’ to showing the ‘Synopsis’:

And then make sure you have the right format selected in the drop down box (eg RTF) and click ‘compile’

On Windows, the “Outliner” preset from the “Format As” pop-up menu should be a good place to start; it’s set up to compile titles and synopses only.

Thank you Jennifer and Mr pf for being polite and not pointing out my error – pages 305 and 306 do of course cover this topic in the Mac version of the Scrivener Manual. I don’t know which pages it’s on in the Windows version, but I’m sure it’s in there somewhere and in any case you’ve dealt with the OP’s question considerably better than I.

Thank you very everyone! SUCCESS!
I could not find two Compiler pop-ups when I first went looking.
I’m not planning to copy and paste actual ms content, just needed to start this project in Scrivener by first copying and pasting the 340 synopses “bits” into one long enumerated WORD file because most of the notes went on longer than the index cards - beginner’s error - so it was really impossible to see everything on the corkboard. By converting to WORD I can edit the fragments more easily than in Scriv’ because I don’t have to click from one synopsis to the next. Next time I’ll write shorter notes.
Many thanks!