Help - Not indenting correctly after Image (ePuB Compile)

Hello, I am having trouble with proper indentation when compiling in Scrivener.

In a compiled ePub, my text look like this -


So that after I insert an image, the compiler takes away the indent of the subsequent paragraph. All other paragraphs are correctly indented.

I have the compiler set to As-Is in the editor, but it overrides my indentations as if treating the text after an image as a Section Break. I also tried ‘preserve formatting’ on the image and text below it, but it did nothing.

Is there a setting to make the compiler do nothing except compile exactly what is in the editor? I have custom chapter headings, section breaks, and images, so all I want it to do is compile and generate a ToC.

Thanks so much for any help.

Make sure there’s a paragraph break after the image. The View → Text Editing → Show Invisibles command is helpful for this.