Help on formatting

I’ve just started using Scrivener on my iPad after using it for years on my Mac. One thing I can’t find on the iPad: How does one show the ruler, set tabs, and insert a tab? Thanks for any help.

Short answer: You don’t. The ruler and tab stops aren’t available in iOS Scrivener. If you’ve set them up in your project on Mac, you can insert a tab by either putting a tab key on Scrivener’s extra keyboard row or by using a hardware keyboard.

Not the answer you wanted, I know, but I hope it’s helpful nonetheless.

Uhu, thanks. How do I put a tab key on the extra keyboard? Are there instructions for that somewhere?

Not that I know of but it’s easy enough that I figured it out by accident.

  • Find a key on the extra keyboard row that you don’t need. There are 3 different sets of 8 keys so there’s bound to be something.
  • Long press on that key until the long list of possibilities pops up.
  • Select the tab key symbol from the list.

Hope this helps!

Thanks! Works well enough once you know how!