Help opening restored files

My computer recently quit opening. Took it to the shop and they had to strip it back to new computer status. I restored all my files from MozyHome before I reinstalled Scrivener. When I went to open a project, they folders are all there, but there are no files in them. I went to MozyHome and downloaded two projects just to try them again. The files are all there, but there seems to be no execute file. I can’t get the projects to open. Any idea what’s going on? I need to work on a couple of things and can’t get to anything!

I’m not at all experienced with MozyFile, so I can’t help you with properly restoring full folder and file trees, but so long as you have the .scrivx file at the top level and all of the normal sub-folders and files it should work fine. If you need a reference, try making a blank project somewhere temporary, so you can see the types of files that should exist, and compare with the downloaded backups.

Like I say, I don’t know how MozyFile works, but a lot of backup systems will only back up the stuff that has changed. So unless you use a special command to do a full restore, you may only end up with the specific files that changed in the last session, which would not include everything needed to open the project or see everything that was put into it. It kind of sounds like that’s what you have right now, partial restores that include “slices” of time, rather than an accumulation of all the changes from start to finish.