Help page numbers do not appear in table of contents


Finished a long project. I need an RTF / word output and a table of contents.

The table of contents (made through the Copy Documents as ToC command is printed okay but page numbers are always the same


1 - Introduction and background… 3
1.1 - Connecting research to society… 3
1.2 - Changes after the 2011 revolutions… 3
1.3 - The funding ‘agencies’ under scrutiny …3
1.4 - Understanding the role of agencies …3
2 - Methodology …3

Image : … 81%29.png/

I cant find either in manual or forum anything that allows to explain this.
Any idea?

Anyway its a nice software.

Normally if a page number cannot be resolved, with the Print or PDF options, you would get a “??” result, so this probably isn’t the problem, but it’s the first thing I could think of: do you have titles exporting for all of the elements you are linking to in the ToC?