Help please. Might have lost 9k words. How do I load a zip backup copy?

I hadn’t written in months and just went to look at my opening scene and it’s gone. Sometimes I made the mistake of cutting vs copying when I wanted to put it into a Google doc and think I might have done that. I’m too flustered/panicked to go over the whole manual again, so can someone just please tell me how to load a backup zip file? I started a new project but don’t know how to import it. I also don’t want to overwrite the existing project. Thanks!

Short answer:
Go here and read the paragraph on restoring backups at the end: Guide to Keeping iOS Projects Backed Up / iOS / Knowledge Base - Literature and Latte Support

Longer answer:
If you are using Scrivener both on an iOS device and on a desktop, it might be easier to restore the backup onto the desktop, compare versions there, and then sync the recovered version back to the iOS device.