help please please...

I have managed to get Scrivener running on my imac. BUT I have a message that the file i opened is not being stored in a “recommended” place.
The scrivener files are in my dropbox in in a scrivener folder inside an “apps” folder . I thought that WAS a recommended place. So 1. what does that warning mean?

  1. I cannot open any Scrivener files on my ipad. Get error message saying the files are incomplete. Have no idea what that means. I’m following all directions, selecting “open file” and going to dropbox and opening apps folder and opening Scrivener folder selecting and opening files. They won’t open at all

1.That message usually indicates that a live project is being saved in the same folder in which the backups are located. That’s a no-no. See this L&L knowledge base article: … tion-error

  1. A comprehensive setup guide for iOS syncing here: … g-with-ios

A troubleshooting guide here: … os-syncing