Help please. Where’s my lost 600 words?? Gone somewhere with the flick of the wrist !

I was in a chapter typed 600+ words and somehow lost it. The chapter is now blank I did not know where the undo button was and I saw up down arrow and try to go back and think I went back-and-forth too many times so I don’t know if there something other than the up-and-down arrow my chapter is blank now and I am so disappointed. Like I said I am very new and any help would be appreciated thank you.
I did not see anything in the trash folder either .

Not a Windows user, so I can’t be very specific, but you could do a project search to look for a word or phrase you know you typed. This should help you find the file, if you haven’t actually deleted the text. (AFAIK, the standard Windows shortcut of CTRL Z should undo the last edits made to a file, so long as you haven’t navigated away from the document or closed the project.)

See section 20.1.2 of the manual…

Use project search to search the whole project. Not document search, which only searches documents loaded in the editor. … es#page213

And if you select the top level of your manuscript (perhaps called draft or manuscript) and then press CTRL 1, does your missing text appear in the editor (scroll down, if necessary).

A perhaps simpler solution. Have you possibly clicked on the Scrivenings icon switching from folder view to document view and have a folder selected in the Binder?

Have you done the built-in tutorial?

Thank you for each response. But all to no avail. it is gone and that is very upsetting. May be a better version of the 600 words lies in store let’s hope this never happens again .Vjr

I wasn’t even aware of undo/redo buttons,but I just added them to my setup (see screenshot below… they’re the curved arrows to the left of the font selector (currently set as “Courier New”).

Are those the buttons you’re talking about? If not, can you describe what you were hitting that you think caused your words to be lost?

Also, are you in the habit of using File->Save As to create backups of your work? If so, check the other copies of your project for the missing words. When you use Save As, Scrivener (and any word processor) closes the original file and opens the newly created “backup”. If you start writing in that copy, and then close and reopen the original, it will appear as if you lost your work.

If this is something you do, I suggest adapting to using File->Back Up->Back Up To… as a strategy for this sort of thing.

You are awesome! I would give anything if I knew what you said and it could be broken down in slow motion and I truly understood it. I do understand it from a big overview but I am technologically challenged and again would love to fully be able to speak your language… You are not in HoustonTexas are you? If you know of a place I can go for a class in Scrivener I would really love to comprehend how to do what you said I would really appreciate it. My next question would be if I am saving it correctly I click save and nothing really happens then I go to dropbox and click on my scrivener file and hit save as and nothing really happened so I am assuming when I shut down and come back the next day it is all there which it seems to be …but am nervous and do not know if I’m doing it correctly .
Anyway I appreciate your concern and any advice you want to give me !
When my mind is fresh I will re-read what you said and try to break it down

Help maybe I was wrong but I did the Scribner update now I cannot find my binder I cannot find my work this is so frustrating wasn’t there a telephone number for help …
How do I get back to my main Template back ??
Thank you

Thank you to everyone for putting up with my anxiety !