Help please

I’m not so much filing a complaint about Scrivener itself but asking for help going through all the individual little extra files that are involved in a .scriv project. I have a bit of flaky WIndows 7 machine (something is overheating we think)…anyway, the machine crashes, all sorts of ways :frowning: . But it decided to reboot itself in the middle of Scrivening a file… And now I keep getting told that “Project project is incompatible with this version of Scrivener.”

To add insult to injury, I had the files being saved in my Dropbox folder, and happily overwrote the non-crash damage version of the file with the damaged one on my other machine before I could stop it.

Is there anything I can do? I have something of a back up (several month old scribblings that I could import though I have a lot of stuff to reconstruct if I do that), but it’s a route I’d like to take as a last resort. I know that all the little .rtf files should hold all the information, but I don’t want to mangle things worse than they are.

Please help with any advice you can. Thank you.


I’m sorry about your crashing computer! Fortunately, we should be able to get all your Scrivener project back, even if it ends up being a little extra work. First thing, though, is just to open the .scriv folder for your project in Windows Explorer and then open the “Files” folder. You should see a file there called “version.txt”. Open that in a plain text editor like Notepad and make sure it says “16” (no quotes)–if it doesn’t, type that in and hit save, then try again to open your project in Scrivener.

If that file isn’t the problem, you can use Windows Explorer to zip the entire project folder (go back out so you see the .scriv folder and then right click on that and choose "Send to / Compressed (zip) folder) and then email that to support AT literatureandlatte DOT com and I’ll take a look.

It fixed it like a charm (was three words short of the where I was–I LOVE the Scrivener autosave).

Thank you very much.

–Eden :smiley: