help please !

im still new to scrivener so this is probably such an easy fix but, when im typing, my words dont go to the next line like on word? i have to press enter for the rest of my sentence to go to the next line and its just really annoying :confused:

Look under File / Options / Appearance / Main Editor / Editor Margins. Make sure they are not zero.

my editor margins are
left/right: 20
top/bottom: 10


Two possible reasons why this may be happening:
a) You’ve set the zoom level so the editor screen is wider than than the available screen space so you haven’t really reached the end of the line when you run out of screen space

b) The default editor width is wider than the amount of screen real space available so the editor screen is wider than the visible area. I would check Options>Appearance>Main Editor and check what you have set as the default editor width.

If it’s neither of those then there are a number of other possibilities relating to your screen set up and you may need to work through them to identify the root cause.

FeralDino, it sounds CarlM has likely identified the basis of the problem, and several ways it could happen that you can check.

What he is saying is that the view you have of the document may be narrower than it actually is – thus you don’t reach the end of the line before the text starts going off screen.

This is easily fixed once you understand, but for confidence, you can verify the problem by simply continuing to type words on a line that’s reached the edge. Very likely after some more words typed, the text will ‘wrap’ as you expect, to appear on a new line.

At this point you could reduce the screen magnification until you see the end of the first line where it did this.

Seeing it work, then you can decide on settings he’s mentioned so that fit your screen and gives you the text at a size you want to see. After that, should be no more problems