Help Pls - Why is Mac compile much smaller than PC compile

This is an observation that has given me pause (insert pause here …).

I have Scriv for PC. But while away, I needed to make a small change to my file, so downloaded the trial software of Scriv for Mac. Opened up my project, made the small change, compiled to .mobi and uploaded the book to Amazon.

An interesting thing happened. The original book page count (compiled with PC) was 164 pages. The new .mobi, compiled with MAC, was 132. I lost 32 pages. I scoured the file. Checked all the settings. Absolutely nothing had changed.

When I returned home, I used an off-line back-up of the original file, made the small change on PC, compiled on PC, and uploaded the book. Guess what? Yup. 163 pages as a final page count.

I love working in Scrivener, can’t imagine not working in Scrivener, but I’d like to know that I can compile with the MAC without losing almost 20% of my page count. When I travel, I only have access to the MAC (and not the PC). I’d really like to buy Scriv for Mac, but want to be able to compile in it also.

Anyone have any thoughts or trouble-shooting ideas on this? TIA.

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If all of the content is the same, the most likely cause of the difference would be that one version used a different font/font size. Or that the software you used to inspect the book was set to a different font/font size. Ebooks allow the user to change the display font and font size at will, so the page count isn’t really a meaningful number anyway.

The quickest way to determine if any actual content is missing would be to check the word counts between the two versions.


Thanks Katherine. Thing is, I did check all that. The font size, the margins, the tabs … the word count … everything was identical. I realize customers can change font size when they’re reading … however, I’m talking about having a customer buy a book that says it is 164 page … or says it is 132 pages. There’s a difference in the value conception.

I’m going to compile a friend’s .mobi. She originally did hers in Mac. So I’ll do it in PC and see. I really think a 20% loss on the posted page count is huge.

You would have to ask Amazon how they are calculating the page count. From a spot check I did in their store, they seem to mostly use the count for the equivalent print book.

But from Scrivener’s point of view, ebooks don’t really even have pages.

What happens if you compile to a print format, such as PDF?