Help - Project Won't Load

One of my .scriv files, 3MB in size, won’t load. When I try File, Open nothing happens. It doesn’t even hesitate.

If I double click it in Finder with Scrivener closed, Scrivener opens but again nothing happens. No project window.

Please send the project to so that I can see what is wrong.
Thanks and all the best,

Hi nicknich3,

Have you done a GET INFO on the project?

If you are not sure how to do that, just click once on the project file so it is highlighted then with one finger on the COMMAND key press the I key at the same time. When GET INFO opens you will see a panel that says, OPEN WITH. It should say SCRIVENER. You can also set it to open all documents like this (.scriv and .scrptl).

Hope this helps a bit.


Yep. Scrivener simply doesn’t want to open the file … as if it’s just ignoring it.

Thanks for the project. Your file is majorly corrupted. Have you done anything to this file? The binder.scrivproj is completely messed up - have you ever tried to open it another program?