Help regarding scrivener license

Hi there,

I purchased a laptop last weekend as well as the Windows version of Scrivener with the intention of taking my writing more seriously. Everything appears to go smoothly, I type in my serial code and activate my scrivener license and spend the rest of the weekend swatting up on all the scrivener features. Sadly for me my luck ran out last night when I discovered a dead pixel on my sparkly, new laptop :cry:

This has presented me with an issue regarding the Scrivener license as I now plan on exchanging my faulty laptop for a new one this coming weekend. My question is; will I be able to install Scrivener for a second time on my replacement laptop using the same license? Also will this affect my household license allowance? Should I uninstall scrivener from the original, faulty laptop?

Thanks for any help in advance

Be sure to deactivate Scrivener before returning the new laptop

You’ll have no problem putting it on another Windows machine with the same license. I believe you get at least 4 machines per household on the license, and maybe more. I have it on three machines right now (home desktop, work desktop, laptop). Plus, I had it on another previous laptop and I don’t believe I deactivated on the old laptop before getting rid of it, unless completely erasing the drive counts. I’ve simply entered the same serial info each time and no problems so far.

Hopefully your new laptop will be free of issues and you can get back to writing.

The licence covers 5 machines belonging or solely used by members of the same household. It’s a rolling system, so if you install on a 6th machine, the oldest set-up is de-activated. But clearing the HD to remove all your programs and data is the first thing you should do before taking it back.


Didn’t realize it did it automatically. That’s kind of cool.