HELP: renamed file and now can't open it?

Hello, all.

I’m a longtime mac user who recently switched to windows, and unfortunately I don’t know as much about the operating systems or how things work- which isn’t saying much; I’m pretty hopeless with computers in general. Long story short, I was backing up the scrivener file in which I’ve been doing all my work for six months onto my hard drive this afternoon and renamed the file (double clicked until it’s highlighted and typed a new name). I’d been meaning to do that for a while, and today was as good a day as any-- I was in the mood for some desktop spring cleaning. I may have had the actual file open while I did it- I honestly don’t remember. Then I closed it and now it says it can’t open it again-- the file can’t be found. I even changed the name back, thinking I’d thrown off some binary routing of some kind, but no luck. I’m freaking out because there’s two years of work on there, and when I tried to open my backup (with the old name) off my harddrive, it still said the file can’t be found. I did find a bunch of files in a backup but I haven’t looked through all of them yet- there’s absolutely no organization, and at the moment I’m still dreading it, plus don’t want to poke around in case I make things worse. Of course I don’t have a cloud backup-- like I said, I’m hopeless-- but plan on setting one up as soon as I get this figured out.

Any miracle workers out there?? Thank you so much for your help!

Which file did you rename? The .scrivx?
The ‘file’ you see on a Mac, named .scriv, is a folder in Windows, so if you want to rename it, you should rename the folder. The safest way to do that is to do it from within Scrivener, Save as…

I’m working on Windows, and I renamed the .scriv folder. I didn’t know there was a safe or unsafe way of saving folders-- this is my first time using scrivener, and so far it’s worked so I haven’t questioned anything. Did I screw it up beyond repair?

Thanks for a fast reply!

And how are you trying to open the project? On the Mac you double-click on the .scriv file (which is really a package, a folder) but in Windows you double-click on the .scrivx file, inside the .scriv folder, right?

I am trying to understand exactly what you did.

Me too!

I confess I haven’t poked around much because I don’t want to mess anything up even worse.

I’m going into acer: c/users/user, which is where Scrivener stores all the files, apparently. I see the .scrv folder, though there’s no scrivener logo inside. I open it, and there’s a .scrivx file. There’s also a whole bunch of files in the Docs folder, which look like the .rtf documents that were in my project, but when I open the .scrivx file, it opens a completely different file, just called “test”. I do have a file called “test” and they seem to be the same, so I don’t know if something got switched? Those docs in the doc folder are definitely not in the test project.

Any thoughts? I tried to open the file from my external hard drive, but it said the same thing- it couldn’t be found. Is there something specific I need to do?

Thanks for your help.

Mail directly to support. If you are lucky they can sort it out. You probably did something more than just rename the folder.

Hi! (first post/reply!)

I know it’s only been a few days but I’m wondering if a solution was presented? This sounds disturbingly similar to my issue. (I just emailed tech support this morning and am working on patience…)