Help!! Scrivener don't open!! -- Runtime [FIXED]


I have the trial version and I downloaded the spanish dictionary. I closed scrivener to re open it again as recommended but now, every time i try to, I receive this message

Now what i do?? Help me please!! :neutral_face:

You’ll need to delete the directory and resinstall, unfortunately. First, go to the location you installed Scrivener–probably Program Files if you installed as an administrator, or your Documents folder otherwise–and find the Scrivener directory. Open that and look in Aspell\dic to to see if your dictionary did in fact download–easiest is to sort by file type and check the list for RWS files, then see if yours is listed there (the file name will start with “sp”). If it is, copy that and place it on your desktop temporarily, so you don’t need to try downloading it again.

Then run the Uninstall.exe file from the Scrivener directory (if you installed as admin, be sure to run the uninstaller as admin as well). After that’s complete, make sure that the full Scrivener directory has been deleted–if it’s still there, select it and delete it yourself.

Once that’s done, run the installer again. If you haven’t downloaded beta 049 (which Lee just uploaded in the past 12 hours or so), download and install that instead of the earlier version you had, since it includes a handful of bug fixes.

And finally, if you did copy the dictionary out of the Aspell directory, you can move it back in now so you’ll be able to access it from Scrivener. Just place the file back in Scrivener\Aspell\dic and then when you start Scrivener, you can go to Auto-Correction tab of Tools>Options… and just click the “Select” button to switch to that dictionary, rather than needing to download it again.

Which version of Scrivener were you using when you tried the dictionary download, and have you had previous versions installed? If you have, did you run the uninstaller for them before installing this one or did you install over top?

Thank you, thank you!!! :mrgreen:
I did what you told me and It’s all resolved. This is awesome!

Glad to hear it. Did the dictionary in fact download completely? (And if you could let me know whether you’d had previously uninstalled versions on the computer, that would really help us to track down this bug and kill it for good!)

Yes, the dictionary was downloaded completely, and no, i didn’t have previous version on my computer. This the first time i install scrivener. I downloded on Last Monday or Tuesday, so i think its was the latest version.

We’ve actually had a handful of updates just in this past week, so it’s possible you might’ve been on an older version; 046 was put out sometime on Monday, though, so chances are you had that. 049 just went up in the past day, so if you downloaded that one to install now when fixing this issue, you’re all set. Thanks for letting me know!