Help! Scrivener Exits on Hibernating Laptop

Alright, this is not a case for the mad panic I initially thought. I would still appreciate some input, however.

I hibernated my laptop, When I returned to my project, it had exited Scrivener, which was not what I was expecting, nor did I expect Scrivener to open at a much earlier, position in my project.

Scrivener sent me into a tailspin when my word count reported only a small fraction of my circa 183,000 material (the word count bloat is telling me I seem to be writing a trilogy, but that is a lamentation for another post).

I calmed down once I realised my material was still there and shutting down and re-opening corrected the issue. I am perplexed why Scrivener shut down in the first place. Any ideas what might be happening? I am using Windows 10.

You don’t say which version of Scriv you’re running, and I don’t know if this feature existed prior to the betas of 3 (which is what I have on this machine). However, I wonder if your PC could have the automatic quit after a period of inactivity set.

You find it under File, Options, General. Mine’s off by default, but if it were set…

As to the other things you encountered, I don’t have ideas. Hope someone else will.

D’oh! Was tired when I posted.

Scrivener vers

And now its picked up another nasty habit. When I exit my project, It’s stopped the automatic back-up on exit. I’ve checked my settings and all the options for this action are still checked, as far as I can tell.

This is driving me nuts!

My word count is not encompassing my actual word count again!

Anyone have any ideas how to fix?

I accidentally let my laptop hibernate when Scrivener was still open. It broke the link to the Dropbox backup location. Go into your Backup settings and re-select the backup location, even though it’s still there in the selection box. Hit the Choose button and go select it again, Apply and OK.

Basically, don’t hibernate the computer when Scrivener is still open. IMO