HELP!!! Scrivener moved text on its own!!!

Scrivener has moved text between documents on its own and suddenly my MS is a huge puzzle.

When I click on a document (let’s call that document Johnny) suddenly text from a different document (let’s call THAT document Stevie) appears. When I then click on the Stevie-doc, text from yet another document (Marie) will now be in Stevie-doc (and perhaps a different text is now in Marie-doc, but maybe not, some docs are fine).

So suddenly, my MS is all puzzled up, I have no idea where the text that SHOULD be in Johnny or Stevie or Marie is (though I could find some via Scrivener search, or in my Word file, where I worked on MS up until about 2 months ago). Interestingly, document notes stay in place, so now I have the text of Stevie in a doc named Johnny, but in that doc (named Johnny) are still the notes associated with Johnny (and not the notes associated with Stevie-text, those are still in the Stevie-doc).

What is happening?

It sounds like your document text files have the wrong ID number, which is what the project binder file uses to identify the documents. Main documents, notes, and synopses are all saved as separate files but with the same ID number to keep them associated. Where do you store your Scrivener project? Do you have any services running on your computer which might have adjusted the numbers of the files in the project’s Docs folder? Or have you edited any of these files outside of Scrivener’s interface?

While we sort this out, it’d be a good idea to go make a copy of your automatic backups for this project, since you may have some still from before the mixup occurred. To go the Backup tab of Tools > Options and then click the button to open the backup folder. Select all the backups for this particular project and then copy and paste them to another location, so that even if further automatic backups are generated for the project, those won’t roll off the stack. It may also be worthwhile to make a zipped copy of your project as it is now before we do anything to try and restore it, by just right-clicking the project’s .scriv folder and choosing “Send to \ Compressed (zipped) folder”.