Help Search Menu Issue

I’m using Scrivener 3 on a Mac 10.13.1

Here’s the issue.

Whenever I use the search function in the Help menu the program slows ‘way’ down and I get the beach-ball effect. The search for help normally completes and Scrivener does not crash but it can take more than half a minute for the search to be completed.
I’ve been on your FB page but no one seems to have this problem. I’m wondering if others have had this problem and if you have heard anything about it.
Because I don’t use Help search often it is not a big problem for me but this should be indicative of a bug.

I would like to know if this is a reported issue or if there is a workaround?



Given the search feature is a general macOS utility we have no direct control over, and given that this isn’t a universal problem, my advice would be to examine any areas of the menu that are driven by data or configurable.

Since nearly all of the above cases would be derived from project-specific information, the first test would be to create a copy of the interactive tutorial, or try another project with a decent amount of information in it, and see if the problem persists. If not, then it’s safe to assume it’s not general performance issues, and perhaps the name of an item or style in that one project that slows the help feature down. Look for anything out of the ordinary—multibyte characters, Emoji, etc.

Sheer bulk is another potential cause. Every item in the binder is going to be listed in the menus at least seven times (for example, Navigate/Go To and Edit/Document Link). It wouldn’t surprise me if Apple is optimising that a bit so it isn’t literally seven times the binder items in the search index—but who knows really.