Help syncing files to Dropbox

I’ve looked at the Sync video and tried to follow the instructions and can’t figure out what I’m doing wrong.

I have a Scrivener project, an art project, which has many folders and many files. I don’t want to sync the entire project; I just want to sync a few current files to Dropbox so that I can access and edit them on my new iPad.

Working on my laptop, I’ve tried adding two test files to the “Synced Documents” collection by right clicking. The two files appear in that collection in Scrivener. Then, I asked Scrivener to sync “only documents in Collection Synced Documents” to a new folder which I created called Scrivener Sync. Then I ask Scrivener to sync and it says it is. (Although I don’t understand the “1 out of 37” or something like that message. How can 2 files become 37??) But when I view the Dropbox folder locally (again, on my laptop) nothing appears.

I’m in tears. I’d really appreciate any help.

ETA: When I then close, and reopen my Scrivener file, those two files are no longer in Synced Documents. ??? I am totally lost.

A little off topic, but when I do view collections, it seems incredibly cumbersome to have to go to the menu to get my beloved Binder back. Is there an easier way? The toolbar commands show or hide the collections but won’t bring back the binder. I love using Scrivener to help me generate all the art-related writing I do but I will confess that I have a lot of trouble with the interface. It took me forever to find that the Binder was hiding under the menu command for Collections, for example. (I hope I’m making some sort of sense.)

All right, a few things. If this doesn’t all seem to match what your sync settings look like, posting a screen shot might help.

First, the “Synced Documents” collection is a special collection that Scrivener creates when you run the sync–this collection shouldn’t even exist (I think) until you’ve set up the sync, so I’m not sure how you added documents to it to start with. [Edit–It occurs to me belatedly you might’ve created a sync collection with exactly this name, which Scrivener then basically took over. If that’s the case, just rename it something else.] This is a dynamic collection which will change when you run the sync to show you documents that have been updated externally and brought into Scrivener. So if you sync some files, work on a couple of them them on your iPad, then get back to Scrivener and run the Sync command, all the documents you changed will be imported and will appear in the “Synced Documents” collection so you can see which they are. (Any that didn’t change of course are already in sync with the project and so there’s nothing to update.)

So to set up your sync, make a new collection with a different name–“External Sync” or whatever. Then add the files to it that you want to sync. They’ll stay put. :wink:

Go to the sync settings and check to sync only documents in that new collection. Also check the boxes to “Sync the contents of the Draft folder” and to “Sync all other documents in the project”. These settings combined filter the contents of your sync, so if for instance you’ve checked to sync the contents of the Draft folder and only documents in X collection, then you will get only the documents in the collection that are also in the Draft folder. I suspect what’s happening is that you have only one (or neither) of these checked, and so it’s excluding documents that you intended to sync.

As for canceling out of a collection to return to the regular binder, besides the menu option you can just click the little circled “x” in the binder footer or select the “binder” tab from the group at the top.

Does that help? (You might also want to click the “?” button in the Sync settings for a more detailed explanation and some reference images.)

Thanks, Mimetic! It worked! Egads you are smart about this stuff.

I thought because the dropdown menu in the Sync dialogue had the Synced Documents collection that I HAD to use that and I also thought that if I checked “contents of the Draft folder” and “all other documents in the project” I’d be syncing everything and well . . . I won’t detail all my erroneous assumptions . . . And I never saw that X in the Binder footer and . . . well I’ll stop here.

Now that I have some Scrivener documents in my Dropbox, any suggestions for an iPad text editor?


Excellent, glad it’s all fixed now.

Out of my depth there, I’m afraid, as I don’t have an iPad. Someone with experience might comment; meanwhile, you might want to check out the Software by Other Folks forum; there are a lot of threads on iPad writing apps there. Or just search the forums for some good keywords.

One thing, though–I’m pretty sure you need to use plain-text on the iPad, so you’ll want to make sure that’s selected in the sync settings, and I recommend reading up on it quickly in the User Manual (§13.2.4 details the limitations of the format) so that you don’t find yourself accidentally losing important formatting or getting confused by the way things convert.

Thanks again. I’ll mosey over to Other Software.

I do have the plain text options checked. That’s about the only thing I did understand!