Help updating to S3

I downloaded S3 from L&L and didn’t know whether to replace S2 with S3 or keep both. Out of fear that I’d lose what was in S2, I kept both. Then I couldn’t seem to find a way to bring my projects into S3 from Dropbox. After reading the guides and all, I decided to keep both S2 and S3, so I tried to follow the directions in the update guide to update S2 to 2.9. After downloading S2.9 the popup says a newer item named exists in this location and do I want to replace it with the older one I’m moving or keep both. Confusing! So I looked in the Applications folder and found that the new round S3 icon says Why doesn’t it say S3? The upgrade guide is open in S3 and the About Scrivener says it is S3, but S3 is labeled S2 in the Applications folder and S2 is just called Scrivener. Not sure what to do now in response to the window asking if I want to “replace the newer item named S2 with the older one I’m moving.” Can anyone help?

It sounds like there is some kind of renaming thing that Apple is doing that ended up calling “” “Scrivener”, as in, the second copy of Scrivener in your Applications folder, not Scrivener Version Two. If that’s what happened, it’s an unfortunate result that they should have perhaps better thought out. :slight_smile:

I’d advise closing both and giving them some better names of your own to reduce future confusion, in Finder. I have “Scrivener–” and “”, and that works fine for me.

What Ioa said.

Also, the About Scrivener pane is the definitive authority on what version a given copy of Scrivener is. You could name it ReallyAwesomeNewScrivener in Finder if you wanted, but it would still be Scrivener 3.


Thank you, Ioa and Katherine. I did manage to get them installed, and I will rename them appropriately. I’m grateful for your responses, as I really didn’t understand why they were called Scrivener and Scrivener 2 when they were 2 and 3, which led to more confusion in the process. They seem okay now, otherwise. Looking forward to getting oriented in 3. :slight_smile: