Help -- Using "Undo"

I went through the tutorial but I wasn’t able to find the answer to this question.

So my issue is when:

I delete something in the text entry area, say I delete a sentence or change a line in my Character’s Section.
I then click a different section on the binder, say a different character, only to realize that I made a mistake and wanted to “undo” what I did on the previous section.

Undo is no longer available. How do you get that text back? I go back to the original place the text was and there is no option I can find to get it back.

It was literally the last change that was made, so it should be easy to undo…? Right? What am I missing.


Make sure the cursor is blinking in the text area when you try to undo in the first document. If you just click on it in the binder, your “focus” will still be in the binder, not the editor itself. Undo is contextual, the focus must be placed where you wish to undo.This should work just fine. All of the documents have their own undo memory so you could have made a thousand edits and then gone back to this one and hit undo once to get back the prior state of it. Do note this only works during a single session. Undo is not saved between sessions. So if you restart the program or close the project all undo history will be lost. Snapshots are a good habit to form. :slight_smile: