HELP! Version is wiping all my documents!

I’ve just installed v. for Windows (I use XP). It wouldn’t start, so I ran th C++ update referred to in another thread, and it seemed to be OK. I opened an existing project.

Now every time I click on an existing document icon in the binder, it turns to a blank icon, and there’s no text in the document. I am rapidly losing all my work. The only document that isn’t displaying this behaviour is the one I’ve been typing in since I ran the upgrade.

I’ve got a very recent backup, so all is not yet lost, but what’s going on? Do I need to uninstall and go back to 1.0.3 ?

I am putting this in the Bug Hunt too.

Yours desperately


OK, panic over for the moment. I exited Scrivener and started it up again, and all is restored. Of course that doesn’t mean it might not happen again.