Help! Volume Control Slider Won't Leave Me Alone

This strange bug is ruining Scrivener for me. I’m in the middle of a project and it’s making me cRAzY!

When I am working in composition mode (and ONLY when I am working in Scrivener composition mode. This does not happen in ANY other application) the volume control slider pops up at the bottom of my screen. This happens when I am not doing anything related ro audio, It likes to pop up when I move my cursor. It sticks around for about ten seconds and then disappears. I love working in Comp Mode BECAUSE it’s free of distractions and now every time the volume slider pops up I loose my groove.

Please help. I just finished 2 years of working on a MFA Thesis in Word and I was so excited to get back to Scrivener and now I can’t believe I’m thinking of going back.

Thanks a million.


Is this just with scrivener or does the volume screen pop up in other programs. I would guess is windows setting though have not personally seen this.

I would check to see if you have any utilities running—probably in the task tray area, and maybe hidden behind the little arrow button to show more—that might display volume controls when programs enable this kind of presentation mode. It might be something specific that you don’t often see in other program, other than video players and the like. It’s just a theory, I’m not 100% sure we use a view mode like on Windows (I know we do on the Mac).