HELP - Want Compile Layout for Parts / Chapters / Scenes

Version: Beta (1175332) 64-bit - 19 Jan 2021


I am using Scrivener 3 Windows Beta (version string above), and I have read the manual the best I can, looked up online, searched through the forums-- and I still can’t figure out how to get what I’m looking for.

[I should note also that while I’m currently interested in doing this for EPUB (2 or 3, no preference), I also compile for PDF and occasionally others]

My WIP is organized in sections (we can call them PARTS, sort of like Acts, but based on time). Each PART is divided into CHAPTERS. Each Chapter is a folder which has a title (in the header/binder) and subdocuments (files) that contain the scenes. Additionally, I have several SINGLE FILES which can simply be compiled “as-is”. The “Location” & “Time” info is in the scene file. Presently it’s just typed in manually, but it would be fine if it needed to be metadata or whatever.

I have already created the STYLES (whatever you call them) that show up in the compile dialog that I can assign to Parts, Chapters and Scenes. I have also assigned them to formats (in the left side of the compile thingy).

The item I can’t figure out is how to take the CHAPTER info from the folder and flow directly into the first scene. The remaining scenes in the chapter should NOT get the chapter title again.

My WIP is organized into PARTS (like Acts, but based on time), CHAPTERS (in the PART subfolder), and SCENES (in the chapter subfolder).

So structurally it’s like this:

MANUSCRIPT SINGLE(s-- I have several single files and they can be formatted as-is) PART 1 - Some part name CHAPTER 1 - Some chapter name SCENE 1 - Some Scene name SCENE 2 - Another Scene name (etc.) CHAPTER 2 - Some Chapter Name (Scenes, etc) PART 2 (More chapters & scenes)

I would like it to be formatted like this:

FRONT MATTER (may be multiple pages, as-is, separated by page breaks) (page break) TOC (page break) SINGLE FILE(s) (as-is, separated by page breaks) (page break) PART 1 - Blah blah blah (page break) CHAPTER 1 - More yada yada (*NO* page break) SCENE 1 (which has a title but I don't want to display it) (Location) (Time) (Scene Text) (scene separator line-- I can include it manually if need be) (page break) SCENE 2 - blah blah (Location) (Time) (Scene Text) etc.

Can anybody assist?



I can if you’re up for a Zoom session. There’s a lot to explain.