HELP! Why do I see many prior documents become empty?

I’m a heavy Scrivener user on both Mac and iOS/iPad OS devices, and I use Dropbox to sync files. I do use Scrivener on both Mac and mobile devices. I noticed the syncing to be very slow and annoying, but this is not the primary problem I’m asking here.

In the most recent year, I noticed that many documents in my binder become empty when clicked (while I’m very sure that there were content in those documents before). This is VERY concerning for me, and I could not figure out what happened. How can I get those documents back? I’m using Scrivener 3 on Mac (latest version), and I’m keeping my apps on mobile devices most up to date as well. Please help!!

without knowing more, sounds like incomplete sync of Dropbox. Check in Dropbox that the Scrivener folders “Selective Sync” are set correctly, e.g. make available offline.

Edit: And watch the copy up to Dropbox, and then copy down on the other machine(s) to ensure completion.

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I don’t feel that’s the problem. I took a screenshot of my “Selective Sync”, and all the Scivener folder (hoping the files I use) are made available offline already. What else should I do?

That’s not the selective sync we’re talking about.

turning off online-only in Dropbox

Got it. I tried the folder-offline method, and after syncing, I opened the Scrivener file and am so glad to find that all the lost files are back. Thanks so much!!

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