Help with 30 day trial please

I’ve just downloaded the 30 day free version and I am losing the will to live already. I seem to have ‘lost’ part 1 of the tutorial. I can’t see it in the trash can. I’m so lost with this already that I can’t see myself even completing the trial time, let alone forking out hard earned cash. I’ve tried searching ‘part 1’ and it only throws up the mentions of part one, in part 2 - not the actual section itself. Is there anyway I can get back to the start with this?
It does make me worry that if I used this product my work will ‘vanish’ into the ether and I’ll never get it back again…

I’m new at this too, but I wonder if you’ve accidently moved it into another section. I pulled some text from what (I think) is section one:
As a writer, the chances are that you will on occasion be nervous about committing changes to your text. This is what the “Snapshots” feature is for. Before embarking on the editing of a document, you can click on “Take Snapshot” (Ctrl+5) in the Documents > Snapshots menu. You will hear the sound of a camera shutter which indicates that the snapshot has been taken. Let’s try that now…

Maybe if you search for something in there it will take you to part one? Until one of the experts can give some better help, maybe this will work?