Help with a storyboard

Good Morning All,
I’m a new-bee in love with Scrivener and its potential for my efforts as a technical writer.
Having said that, I’m looking for a template for a "storyboard’ or suggestion on how to setup Scrivener to facilitate the “shooting” of a video.
My current project is a technical manual with an accompanying CD or DVD showing the design, construction,and application of various tools and techniques.
Thanks for this great software :smiley:

There are two ingredients that I can think of off the top of my head that might be useful to you. One is custom meta-data, where you could create columns for timings and other such details. These can be viewed in the Outliner so you can get an overview of how long a segment is and such. The other ingredient, if you are looking for a visual storyboard, is to set your index cards to photo mode instead of text mode. This can be done in the Inspector, there is a little index card icon in the upper-right corner, to the left of the icon that generates a synopsis automatically for you. It’s a menu, and if you click on it you can convert this into a photo card. Drag your storyboard sketch into the designated area, and now it will show up on the corkboard as a photo.

Another idea (which can be used in conjunction with the above) is to use the scriptwriting features. After all, scripts are good for jotting down visual notes along with spoken dialogue. Script mode is nice because you can format pieces of text easily and the different elements cascade in a logical fashion—and if that order doesn’t suit you all of that can be tweaked in the Format/Scriptwriting/Script Settings... window.

Thank you Amber, I will run with your ideas and see which works best. :smiley:
It is truly wonderful to have you all there to help (in a very timely manner) with our challenges. I know of no other software developers that can come close to your model.