Help with a workflow please

I really like to use Scrivener but, as a photography student, I need to be able to add images to my documents. I can’t see how to do that easily in Scrivener.

To complicate matters, I would like to output the finished document as a PDF for submission and also as HTML for use in a blog.

Can anyone suggest a workflow using Scrivener that could achieve the goals please? I am familiar with writing in Markdown but it’s adding the images that is proving difficult.

Well, the most basic answer is to drag and drop the graphic into the text where you want it, or to use Edit/Insert/Image From File... or .../Image Linked From File. How to work with images in your manuscript is documented in §15.5 of the user manual, starting on page 215. Note that the methods described here work for MultiMarkdown as well, if you are writing in that. Scrivener will convert an inline image into syntax, export it to the compile folder, and link to it in the MD file. There is more on that specifically in the chapter on MultiMarkdown, §22.4.1. How to work with images, cross-reference them as figures from elsewhere in the text and insert captions are all referenced here.