Help with adding to manuscript

I’ve discovered how to add chapters o my overall manuscript but I’m wondering if anyone knows if there is a way that I can set it up so scrivener will automatically add new chapters to the manuscript without me having to go in and manually do it for each new chapter?

I’m going to leave it to Windows users to help sort you out, as I’m a Mac user and don’t know my way around the Windows interface, or what can be done on the Mac version that isn’t yet available on Windows.

I have to admit that my approach to any new program is not to do any tutorial—there even wasn’t one when I started using Scrivener—but I spend time familiarising myself with the menus, the short-cut keys that are listed in the menus, and going carefully through the preferences—“Options” on Windows, I believe—and then start using it and trying out things as I need them.

Basically, all you need to know to begin with, to my mind, is how to create a new document and a new folder and how to nest one above the other. All the rest can be explored as and when you need it … apparently you have worked out about the word counts, etc.

The manual is pretty abstruse, I agree.



I guess I am not sure what this could even mean. Are you using a particular project template (which has set up for you some special way that chapters are “done”)?