Help with AppleScript to Create OPML file

Good afternoon,

Hopefully this is the correct board. I am using Scrivener for a resarch paper on Cybersecurity and use a reference manager, Bookends, to manage my literature and notes. I am developing an AppleScript to export my annotations, notes, and reference data from Bookends. I have the basic functionality working; however, I would like to better understand the structure of Scrivener’s note cards stored in the Research folder. My objective is to import a folder for each reference (journal article, book, etc) directly under the Research folder. Such as:

– Zimmerman, 2012. <<------- Reference Note Card
@34 - Note Title <<------- Content Note Card
@50 - Note Title
– Hughes, et al., 2005
@44 - Note Title

For the Reference Note Cards
Title: Author and Publication Date
Body: Basic reference data; such as the Title, Authors, Journal title, Publisher, Publication date, etc.
Synopsis: Abstract

For the Content Note Cards
Title: Page Number of the note and then a note title (if one exists) or “Highlight” or “Unittled”
Body: The contents of the note (“Quoted” highlights and my comments) then the temp citiation
Synopsis: keywords (tags)

I’ve got the title and body aspects figured out. I just don’t know how to add the synopsis fields. I am using the following OPML sentenance for these note cards:

So basically I am looking to see what if there is an OPML tag or structure to allow each note card to have both a body and synopsis in Scrivener.

Thanks. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Unfortunately OPML doesn’t have any facility for handling multiple arbitrary data types—in fact it doesn’t even support the “_notes” attribute, that’s just something a bunch of programmers started doing as an informal convention. OPML as a specification only addresses the outline tree structure and the titles of each node in that structure.

AmberV, Thanks.

After more research and testing with Scrivener, I came to the same conclusion. I also found the scrivener Preferences options to select how to place the “_notes” attribute into Main Text, Synopsis, or Notes fields.

Under OPML v2.0, there are additional attributes which offer additional possibilities, but these would be one-off implementations. Although it would be interesting to use the OPML “category” attribute to transfer keywords (tags).