Help with 'Auto-Completion' feature, please.

Hi everyone,

I’m quite new to Srivener, but I absolutely love it. Thanks, L&L for the amazing software.
So far, I found all the necessary help/tutorials on this site and in the ‘How to’ videos, apart from one thing.

I’m not a native English speaker, so the ‘Auto-Completion’ feature is a big bonus for me. It helps me with spelling for difficult, rarely used words, or simply just gives me an idea of my next word. However, It is very disrupting that it pops up when I haven’t even typed anything. Just by pressing ‘space’ or ‘enter’, it will offer me my most used word. It’s particularly unfortunate when I press ‘enter’ two times since it’ll automatically insert the top word in its list.

Is there a way to set this up to offer a word only when I actually typed at least one letter?


Edit: On second thought, pressing ‘space’ is ok in most times, pressing ‘enter’ is the more troublesome.

This sounds like you are referring to the Mac OS “correct spelling automatically” feature. It’s unfortunately not configurable, but you can turn it off in the Apple → System Preferences → Keyboard → Text pane.


Hi, thanks for your reply.

Maybe I wasn’t explaining it well, sorry. I attach a screenshot…

As you can see in the picture below, I haven’t even typed the first letter of my next word, but it’s already offering me words. Again, this is not necessarily bad when I’m writing. However, when researching, making notes, etc… It is very disrupting. Especially, because it also happens when I press enter to start a new line/paragraph.

Imagine when I making a list…
Hit enter, it pops up
Hit enter again, it inserts the top word
I need to go back and delete the unwanted word
Or I have to keep clicking somewhere to dismiss the offered word, then back to my list.
And so on…

I still want to keep this feature on since it is very useful to me at times, but I hoped that I could set some kind of rules? I would definitely turn this feature off for hitting the enter key since it has no valid reason to offer any words yet, and it causes a big mess.

Thank you for the screenshot. That looks more like rogue Script Mode settings.

If you’re in Script Mode and don’t want to be, use the Format → Scriptwriting → Script Mode toggle.

To toggle Auto-Complete mode settings Scrivener-wide, go to Scrivener → Preferences → Corrections.

To edit the project-wide Auto-Complete list, go to Project → Project Settings → Auto-Complete List.

If you want to edit script-specific completions, go to Format → Scriptwriting → Script Settings and look at the Auto-Complete tab for each script element. This tab also controls how things are automatically added to the list.


Thanks, once again. I’m not in Script Mode and I already checked the other settings you listed.
The screenshot is showing the case when I press the space key after a word. Again I should have taken a shot when I use the enter key, but really they are the same. Basically what you see is ok, except when it happens at the beginning of a new line/paragraph where it is just annoying. Otherwise, the feature is working as it should, and I’m happy with it.

I guess, what I want is not possible then. Maybe it is a bug, or maybe the developer never thought of this possibility. Maybe it could be a feature request… In any case, thank you for your help. :slight_smile: