Help with basics

Hi–am switching from the Mac version to the Windows version. Cannot recall how to make a sub document. Also, cannot figure out how to open corkboard in such a way that index card appears and I can write on it. Also cannot type on synopsis.

Have seen video, read almost all of tutorial. Is there a list somewhere (as an index might be) that lists tasks, or says how to in very simple language?


To make a subdocument, you can use the mouse to drag the document on top of the one you want it to be a subdocument of, or you can use ctrl-arrow keys to move it (ctrl-right arrow will put it as a subdocument of the one above it, ctrl-left will move it out).

To view the corkboard, just select the icon from the toolbar or View menu or use ctrl-2. Remember that you’ll be viewing the subdocuments of the currently selected document in the binder, so you’ll need to select a level up from what you want to see on the corkboard.

Once you’re in the corkboard and see the index card you want to edit, double click it. If you double click in the title you’ll be editing the title; if you double-click in the “body” of the index card you’ll be editing the synopsis. Once you’re in editing mode you can use tab and tab-shift to move forward or backward through the editing zones (e.g. if you double click in the title to start editing it, you can tab to the body, then tab to the title of the next card, etc.).

You can also adjust the behavior of the return key (ending editing or creating a new card) in the Options pane under Navigation. If you do not select to have return end editing, it will just start a new line.

Editing the synopsis in the inspector is the same–just double click in the index card.

When I make a subdocument, I generally right click on the thing I want the document under and do add > new document. Or right click on the corkboard.

To do stuff on index cards, double click on them. (Shame: I haven’t figured out how to do multiple lines yet, but that’s new in the newest version of the beta.) Doesn’t matter from where–synopsis view or corkboard.

In Options, under Navigation deselect “Return ends editing in corkboard and outliner.” It also affects editing the synopsis in the inspector, so return will now just create new lines. (Hitting return in the title of the card, however, will act as before and end editing.)

It might be possible to get a new line using a modifier key; you can do this in the Mac version using opt-enter, but I haven’t found a combo that works on Windows. I’m using a VM, though, so my key mappings might just be at fault.

Thanks! :slight_smile: