Help with broken links....

I have tried to embed images using the linked image feature on Scrivener, which works fine until I close the app and re open it, then the image is replaced with the following tag:

{$SCRImageLink[w:542;h:718]=/Users/robert/Desktop/new vom/Rockall Marine VOM > 24m/Charts and Illustrations/Company Interface}

The file is on my mac hard drive and hasn’t moved. I am on the latest OS 10.10.4. It is probably an error I am introducing but I can’t find out what it is. Any advice would be gratefully received.


To my knowledge, the text engine does not support Adobe Illustrator files directly embedded like that. My guess is it is using a preview thumbnail initially. Try exporting to PDF from Illustrator and then using that for your link, that should work better.

AmberV, First class, thank you very much, that was indeed the issue. OS X treats .ai files as PDF so I assumed that Scrivener for mac did the same.

Easy fix thanks to and for your help.

If it does support it (given that what OS X, or Preview, supports itself is not necessarily the same as what its text engine supports, unfortunately), it could be we can fix the problem with the link code popping up as raw text, that may just be a problem of unexpected file extensions, I’ll put it on the list to check out.