help with changing the font?

Hi all,

I hope you might be able to help with this query: currently everything I’ve written, in a zillion separate documents in many different folders, is a messy mixture of fonts, and I want to homogenise them. Is there an easy way to select all of the documents in my scrivener project, and change all the text at once to my preferred font? If I ‘select all’ documents using the binder,I can’t access the fonts and change them.

I’ve just, thanks to this forum, reset my default font, but understand this will only apply to new docs I open rather than magically reformatting the text in my existing ones.

Obviously I could go through and change each document one by one, but I have so many it would take ages, and it would be great to have a tidier looking project as I’m expecting to be working on it for a long time yet :imp:

Thank you!

Yup! There is a tool just for doing that, because it is such a common problem—especially when gathering research. The command is Documents/Convert/Formatting to Default Text Style. As you can guess, it uses your options set forth in the Editor tab. It also has some useful overrides, so you can retain things like blockquotes if need be. It otherwise tries to be as smart about it as possible. Unless you use a font that is missing variants, it will preserve bold and italic, and most other inline formatting of this nature.

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Worked a treat - thank you :smiley: