Help with Collections and Compile

I’m trying to compile only sections of my manuscript using collections. I dragged a bunch of my chapter folders in, then compiled that collection. Except, the chapters dragged in did NOT take in the scenes as well, for some odd reason. Is there a way to set the scenes to come with the chapter when you add them to a collection?

Yes. There are a few ways that I know of.

  • Expand your folders then select them all. (There’s also a menu command to expand selections so you don’t have to click them open individually.)

  • There is also a menu command to include sub-documents in selection.

I’m not at my computer to give you the path,(nor do I know if you are on Mac or Win) but if you type the commands in your top search box (top center, not over the binder) they should come up.

Edit - PS and just fyi, what you describe is intentional, so that if you just want to look at the top level folders you can. :wink:

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I forgot to mention - on your compile screen, when you compile a selection, you’ll notice the filter icon (the funnel) turns blue. Remember to check its status when you want to compile your full draft or a different collection/selection. To my knowledge, it retains the last filter you selected, and can cause confusion with later compiles when you don’t notice it. :wink:

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Thank you for the responses!

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