Help with Compile


I’ve got my project to compile to PDF with the first three words of each chapter in Caps. All chapters apart from the first one are working just fine, and I think I must have some setting overriding the first page formatting, but I can’t find it for the life of me. I’ve made sure “As Is” isn’t ticked for the first doc, so it’s not that. And in the formatting section, the level that I’ve requested to add the caps on the first line, highlights all the correct docs in yellow, including the one that isn’t working. I’ve used these settings before and it worked fine, so not sure what I’ve managed to screw up this time round! Any ideas are gratefully received.

Hope that makes sense… think my brain has stopped working today.



Aha, fixed it. Just incase anyone comes across this…

I’ve got my binder set up as:

Level 1: Manuscript folder
Level 2: Act 1/2/3 folders
Level 3: Chapter folders
Level 4: Scene texts (although I currently only have one under each folder)

The problem was under Separators within compile. I had “Text and folder separator” set to page break, adding a break after a text file and before a folder. Problem was this meant there was no break before the first text file and it obviously didn’t think my first text document was the first one and therefore didn’t apply the caps to the first words. I had to edit “Folder and Text separator” to page break also, adding a break before text documents that follow folders. Now it works on all my chapters.