Help with compiling Manuscript

I am trying out scrivener via the 30 day trial. I just got a mac recently, and decided to try it after hearing about it. I transferred my unfinished MS (in standard MS format) from word to pages (as one long document) first when I got my computer. I imported it into Scrivener, cut it up into Chapter (folder) and then by Scene (file) and cut out all the ### in it because I knew it placed scene markers when you compile it all again. I compiled it in a document when I was done, and it seems the Chapter titles are not center, nor are the scene markers. And some of the scene markers are not even there. And the title page is rather off looking, spanning two pages for some reason. How can I fix this?

Some details: What format are you using to compile to? RTF? Second, when you say they do not seem to be in the centre, what exactly do you mean? Are they right-aligned; left-aligned; kind-of-sorta-centred-but-not-perfectly? Are the items with missing scene breaks also items that fall adjacent to folders in the Binder?

I’m compiling it to a word document (doc). I’m looking at it after I compile it in iwork pages. The Chapters are not center, and are on the left side of the page — aligned with the normal text.

I’m not sure what you mean by adjacent to the folders? They all go like this:

(*file - icon that looks like a sheet of paper)
(*folder- icon that looks like a blue folder with a sheet of paper attached to the bottom right corner)

(file)Title Page
(folder) Chapter One
(file) Scene 01x02
(file) Scene 01x03
(file) Scene 01x04
(folder) Chapter Two
(file) Scene 02x02
(file) Scene 02x03

I tried to fix it, and now it seems that my page breaks for each chapter are not there either. Even though it is checked off when I go to compile it. Some of the scene breaks are center now, but then some of them are missing still — its just a bit of space between the scenes.

Is your first scene in each chapter written in the text area for the chapter folder? Or am I misunderstanding your naming scheme there?

Yes. Am I not supposed to do that?

Folders have different separators from scenes - folders and text will have a double line put between them or whatever. Put the first scene in a text document too and you should be good.

As for the title page, you will just need to reformat it a little as you would with anything to get it to look right.

All the best,

Okay, I think that fixed the scene markers. But the Chapter page breaks are still messed up. And there are no page numbers either.