Help with compiling, please

Issue 1:

I like to edit in one typeface and compile to a different one.

In the Compile > Summary tab, I can select my desired typeface, but that doesn’t allow me to choose the point size, and the default is a huge one. It also compiles with no space between paragraphs.

If I go into the detail tab, I only seem to be able to choose between preset typefaces, and can’t see where these are set.

Issue 2:

I want to be able to insert page-breaks only between the opening sections (title page, acknowledgements, etc). The rest of the text, I just want blank lines between sections (which I have set). Can anyone point me to how I insert page-breaks only for specified sections?



All Options
Override text and notes formatting
Select the document level(s) you want to change
Click the “A” font symbol
Choose the font face and size you want (you’ll see the changes in the preview area)
Choose the linespacing box and click OTHER
Set the paragraph spacing you want and then click OK

Turn off Quick Font Override

You should be good to compile with the settings you want.

All Options
Choose the separators (empty line, single return, page break, custom) you want between the different document types (text/text; folder/folder; folder/text; text/folder)

You can also modify page breaks in
All Options
Tick the Pg Break Before boxes as desired

You should be good to compile with the settings you want.

The compile options do change depending on the format you are compiling to.

Thanks, Briar – issue one solved!

Issue 2, though, is that I want to be able to selectively insert page-breaks, ie. only between certain sections, not between every section.

Select the documents you want a page break before and tick the “Page Break Before” box in the inspector; deselect “Page Break” between documents of that type in the Compiler.

Does that help?

Mr X

I shall try that and report back, thanks.

One other oddity: the very first paragraph indent is ignored in the compile. All other para indents are correct, but the first paragraph in the document is not.

Check in the Formatting compile option pane, under the Options button along the top. There should be a setting here for stripping out the first-line indent from initial paragraphs (and further settings to define what an initial paragraph is). Simply disable the whole thing to use indents on all paragraphs.

Got it – thanks, Amber.

One person’s oddity is another’s feature :wink: