Help with compiling

Hi, I am unable to compile my project. The only thing that appears when i use the function is the compile pop-up, under contents is manuscript. There’s no display of folders/chapters only the ‘manuscript’. When i compile that, it’s empty.
I’ve tried to load presets, etc. but nothing seems to work. I can select a folder then it will compile, but only that folder. How do I select all of them to be compiled at once?

Help pls.

I would post a pic of my screen but also apparently don’t understand how to do that either on this forum.

If there is nothing in the “Contents” compile pane list, and you have it set to the top-level Draft folder (renamed to “Manuscript”, it sounds like), then there is most likely nothing in the Draft to work with. Go back to your Binder and make sure that all of the content that should be included in the book is indented beneath that Draft folder.

P.S. Presets will never impact this “Contents” pane as it contains project-specific information.