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Hi. My name is robin. I’m surrently trying the demo of Scrivener, as I want to choose a program to launch into writing. Anyway, since i’ve downloaded Scrivener, my computer has slowed down incredibly. Maybe it’s just coincidental. Is it possible that this has to do with using it as a trial/demo? Could i have downloaded it in a way that was less efficient in how it opens, runs, etc…? I am NOT a computer whiz, so be gentle with me :confused: I have a fairly new Mac, (since August 07), and it runs on the OS X. Thanks…

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Your problem seems to be affecting a few others and there is a substantial thread; still ongoing at; Help! Scrivener has become very sloooow… in this forum, six threads down from yours. DON`T let it put you off Scriv. It will be sorted one way or another

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This doesn’t sound entirely related to that thread, though, given that the op says she has a new Mac - the slowdown reported in that thread only affects older, G4, Macs running Leopard. I’m not sure that this is a Scrivener problem entirely - more information would be useful, though. When you say that it is slowing down, what do you mean exactly? Where do you see the slowdown?

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Could be
(1) Spotlight indexing. Maybe an external HD has been plugged in and is being indexed or the Spotlight Index became corrupt and a new one is being made.

(2) If running leopard may need to update to 10.5.2 and Leopard Graphics update 1.0

(3) If running Leopard (10.5.x) could be Time Machine doing incremental backups.

(4) May be using VM if to much ram has being used.

Robin, if you could go under the Apple icon and select About This Mac and tell us what version of OSX you are running, What it says under Processor and what it says under Memory.

It’s an iMac, OS X 10.4.11
the processor is a 2 GHZ intel core 2 Duo
Memory is 1 GB667 MHz DDR2 SDRAM

When I say my computer has really slowed dow, it seems to only be on the internet. Running stuff within my computer is normal. “Slow” means that often the connection “times out” before it gets to the desired site, or i’ll get the message “Firefox could not find the server”. Otherwise, I have to wait 45 secs. to 2 minutes between every search, or checking my email, (gmail), or surfing sites. My computer picks up our cable internet signal, wirelessly, from a router on my husbands computer. His has not slowed down at all. Also, we unplugged the modem and router from his, and rebooted it all to see if that was the problem. No change. Also, I show full “bars” for signal strength, pretty much all the time. I typically use Firefox to browse. I’ve tried using Safari and it’s just as slow.
Maybe this has nothing to do with Scrivener, it just so happened that this all began at the same time i downloaded it to try it out…
Like I said, I’m pretty basic in my computer knowledge, so don’t get tooo technical on me without explanation… thanks guys…
BTW, I am liking the way the Scrivener works, i’ll probably buy it before the 30 day trial is up. I
Hope this helps.
thanks, robin


Ah, if it’s only your internet that’s affected I can say for sure that Scrivener isn’t the issue. Scrivener doesn’t do anything with your internet connection at all. So it sounds as though it is just coincidental that the problems arose around the same time as downloading Scrivener in this case…

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Yup SCR is not the issue. Sounds like your network is timing out. Or a conflict is happening.

Some cuplrits to check are

Your energy Saver settings.

This can be checked at SYSTEM PREERENCES - ENERGY SAVER.

Make sure your computer is NOT going to sleep rather quickly (Set it to 1 hour)

Also UNCHECK Put hard drive to sleep when possible.

If you are connecting wireless and your HD sleeps due to inactivity you can lose your wireless connection.

Another thing may be IP address conflicts. IF your router has assigned an IP to your husabnds computer, any other devices (such as printer etc…) and then your MAC you may have an IP conflict. This can be changed by shutting down ALL the compuers and devices including the router.

Start up your ISP modem (Cable or DSL) after it is up let it run for about a minute.
Then turn on the router. Let it run for about a minute. Turn on all the other devices (Husbands computer, any printers etc ) one at a time letting each one eastablish itself on the network. Then crank up your iMac and see if the problem persists.

There was an “Airport bug” that had these same results but was fixed by a firmware update and your iMac I don’t think should be effected. Run Software update and make sure your software is up to date.

If all else fails your “Trusted Networks” list may need to be reset.

Here are instructions on how to do that directly from Apple.

Hope that helps

Thank you SO much for the quick responses with feedback. ( I’m quite impressed!) I really appreciate the tips and i’ll try them out and let you know how all goes. Again, thanks so much.

How are you physically connecting to the internet? Try turning off each device between your iMac and the outside world (wired/wireless router, modem, etc.), leaving them off for ten seconds or longer (to let all power completely drain out of them) then try turning them on again.