help with corkboard index cards...

This is probably going to sound really dumb, and have a really obvious answer, but for the life of me I cannot figure out how to create new index cards for the corkboard. >.>

I currently have one character index card in the ‘Characters’ folder. Every time I go to create a new index card for a second character it just creates a new text instead (I mean, it looks like an index card and all, but…). I can create new sub-texts under that text, but the main one has a ‘text page’ icon instead of an ‘index card’ icon and it confuses me.

(I know, I know, this is kind of dumb.)

I’m sure it’s fine either way, but would that affect things later one when I try to compile everything? I could explain this so much easier if I had a picture to really show what I’m talking about, but I am kind of computer dumb and can’t even figure out how to take a screenshot. T____T Don’t judge meee.

To be honest, it probably just bothers me because I’m one of those people who just feels like things need to be a certain way or everything is not right in my life. >.< (I am not, OCD I swear!)

I did try going through the tutorial for answers, but it’s really difficult for me to understand things just by reading them. Normally I have to learn stuff by verbal instruction.

So yeah, if anyone could help me out…haha, I would appreciate it. I feel silly for spending way too much time getting frustrated over the fact that I can’t get these index cards to have the actual index card icon on them. >.>

Take a look at the manual (under Help) at page 62. It has explanations for each of the icons you will find in the binder.

When you are in the cork board view, you can double-click on the background to create another card. Also, you can just hit ENTER when you aren’t in edit mode on one of the cards, but be sure to have clicked once on an index card to make sure the board is getting your key strokes, and not the binder or the inspector.

Compiling only has to do with the Draft/Manuscript folder (it can be renamed, so depending on the template you choose to create a project, it’s name will be different). So the characters folder, being outside of that one, will not have any impact on compile.

If you haven’t already, try out the Interactive Tutorial (Help->interactive tutorial). It’s just a project, which you can interact with as you learn from the instructions in it. It will give you a solid foundation for understanding Scrivener’s capabilities.

Robert’s pretty much covered all the bases here, but since I feel like procrastinating on dishes, I’ll reiterate what he said. :wink: It sounds like you’re doing everything right, and the confusion is just about the icons. Text items in the binder can have any of several icons, depending on their state. New items with no document text and no synopsis (index card) text look like blank white sheets of paper. Once they get synopsis text, they look like an index card. If they have text in the main document, even if they also have synopsis text, they look like a sheet of paper with writing on it. (So document text trumps synopsis text here.) It sounds like you’ve got some items with synopsis text only, with index card icons, and some that are new and entirely blank, with blank paper icons. If any of them get text in the main document (i.e. when the editor looks like a normal word processor and you’re typing in it, as opposed to being in corkboard or outliner mode) then they’ll get the paper-with-text icon, even if they also have synopsis text (i.e. the text appearing on the index card on the corkboard).

Ahhh, thanks for the help! I got it all right now, so that makes my brain feel a little less crazy. :blush: