Help with crash when Dropbox Syncing

I have used Dropbox Sync with Scrivener for years without issue.

I have a new iPad Pro 12.9 running iOS 13.2.3. I set it up from my old iPad 10.5 also running 1.32.3. I have installed Dropbox on the 12.9 and I can see my Scrivener files in the Apps /Scrivener directory. Because I set the 12.9 up from my 10.5 iPad, all the Scrivener Projects were available locally on the 12.9 iPad. However, when I attempted to sync with Dropbox, it reports “downloading files” as normal. Then, after a couple of minutes, Scrivener goes poof—meaning it disappears and I am back at the home screen of the iPad. I believe this means that Scrivener crashed.

I have tried shutting Scrivener down and restarting. I have shut down the iPad and restarted. I also uninstalled and then reinstalled Scrivener. This required delinking with Dropbox, which worked with no issues. But it still just goes poof when I try to sync.

Anyone have a suggestion?

Additional information:

I compared settings between the iPad 10.5 which works, and the iPad 12.9 which does not.

Under syncing and sharing, the 10,5 had sync Projects on Close or Rename set to WiFi only. It also had Check Dropbox on Project Open set to WiFi only. The 12.9 had both of these set to “never”.

I changed these. However, I discovered that the settings app crashes randomly when changing Scrivener settings like this.

Even so, the settings changes I made were actually changed when I went into the settings app again.

Changing these settings made no difference to the behavior in question. I still can’t sync Scrivener. It starts “downloading file list” then goes poof before taking the next step.

It sounds like you may be experiencing the issue discussed in this lengthy thread:



Thanks for the pointer. I had searched but didn’t find that thread. Pretty extensive. It was useful to me. I pared down my Dropbox folder to just the projects I am using and sync now works for me.

That’s great to hear, Terry. Glad you were able to get it working!