Help with creating new templates

I’ve looked and do not see the answer, so even if the answer is just “reread the handbook” I’m fine with that, I just need to know if it is possible to create a new template that has pre-defined information.

What I am trying to do is create a new template for novels that has text sheets for information that is specific to the stories I write. I created a novel template that included folders with text sheets filled in for things such as character details, what research is needed for that story’s technology, and so forth. When I was finished I saved it as a new template and set about creating a story.

The issue came up when I tried to start a new story. I discovered today that the story I had been working on only has two of the scenes in it, everything else was apparently erased and all of the sheets in new stories made from that template are blank. The folders are all still there, and so are the text sheets, but there is no text in the text sheets when I create a new project using that template.

I have determined it is not a bug that the texts were erased in the new template, at least it looks like it’s not a bug, so what I want to know is - is there a way to add a text type note to a series of folders that is not erased when the project is converted to a new template?

Here’s the answer I got when I had the same question:

This is new in the beta and is not yet in the documentation. You need to first create a templates folder by selecting a folder in the binder and choosing Project > Set Selection as Templates Folder. It will get a blue T badge on it, indicating it is the templates folder; all documents within the folder will be available as template documents from the menu.

Thanks TromboneAI :slight_smile: I will check that out, it looks so far like it might be the solution.