Help with Custom Meta-Data & Saved Search Result Collections


I am new to Scrivener and the company I have just started working for use Scrivener on Macs to generate training material.

I have been give a scriv (generated on a Mac) that contains all the training content for a particular product. A selection of “Saved Search Result Collections” generate different training manuals depending on the presence of a custom Metadata value (called MCE)

The majority of the content is tagged with MCE, however the saved search is only ‘collecting’ a very small selection.

If I delete and re-type the MCE value in the meta-data field of a section that is not appearingm, navigate away and back to the MCE saved search, it then is updated with the section that I have just retyped the Meta-data into…

Is this expected behaviour? (can’t believe it is…)

There are literally hundreds of sections that would need the the MCE tag re-writing (not to mention the two other tags that we use…) and worse, having down a few to prove it, I found that the search did not persist across a save…

Am I using it wrong ?

Thanks for ant help or advice…

Try selecting Tools > Save and Rebuild Search Engines. This seems like it may just be a problem with the search index not being up-to-date for some reason (project didn’t close correctly at some point, for instance), so just having it rebuild that may be all you need. Be sure then to switch collections and back so that it re-runs the search as well.

If that doesn’t work, we can take a look at the specifics of the search and meta-data settings, but give the rebuild a try first.


Thanks for the reply.

Nope, that did not help. Neither a normal search for MCE meta data nor a Save as collection worked. Still only returning a fraction of what it should.



Okay, yes, there’s definitely a bug here, though I think it’s still a search index issue. Try this:

  1. Select the Draft folder in the binder
  2. Switch to Scrivenings mode via the View menu – this might take some time if it’s a large project, but give it a minute or so to spin and see if you can get it all loaded.
  3. Select Tools > Save and Rebuild Search Engine again.

I found a test project that’s showing the same problem on the meta-data search, and rebuilding the engine while all the text was loaded seems to have fixed the issue, even after closing and reopening the project. This will only deal with text in the Draft folder, of course, so you may want to rinse and repeat for any other top level folders. If the project were small I’d say you could try just loading it all at once, but given you have “hundreds of sections”, that might be pushing it unless the individual sections are short. So I’d try just one top folder at a time, rebuild the engine, select the next one, rebuild, etc. and then see if that’s cleaned it up for you. Meanwhile I’ll test this a bit more and file a report.


Thanks, that’s done the trick.

Each of the sections is short, we build sections ‘lego brick’ style into larger training documents use the metadata as a reference for the compile.

I will go through and rebuild the folders.

Thanks for your help and I will watch for an update…