Help With Dictionaries (Possible Feature Request)?

I’m working on a novel series which features a first-person narrator with a British background. When I’m writing in her voice I want to use British spelling and a British English dictionary. However, when she quotes the voices of the American characters, I want to use American English. I found a way to do this in LibreOffice, which I wrote the first installment of the series in, but so far have not found a way to do so in Scrivener. Possible addition for the future?

Also, in LibreOffice I was able to create a “project dictionary” with the names of the characters, fictional locations, ‘techno-geek babble’, and so forth. These are specific to each ‘world’, and I don’t want to just add them to the global dictionary because they wouldn’t be right for a different project. Is there a simple way to do this?

Editing to add: I’m currently using Scrivener 3 v., 32 bit for Windows, running on Linux under Wine 7.

If make second project for narrarator alone and change dictionary for this and when done with narrarator, then insert his dialog into original project. Never tried but might be way to make it work.

Dictionaries are not set per project. (It is a global setting - nothing to be gained from the creation of a separate project.)
The ability to have different projects load different dictionaries has been more than once requested tho.

@ehbowen :
I am afraid there is no way to use two dictionaries at once at the moment.
Same goes for an hypothetic “project dictionary”. I don’t see how to currently achieve any of this.

You could build your list of per project special words using the project’s autocomplete’s word list, but spellcheck will still report them as errors. (So, not much to be gained here.)
(You could then tell Scrivener to ignore them as errors - right click menu when the word is underscored -, but I don’t know for how long exactly the ignored words retain this status. (It has always been a bit awkward at my end…))

So, all in all, that would be a double wishlist request:

  • Dictionary per project (not as a global setting). ← Big support from me; as I write in more than one language.
  • Personal word list optionally per project.
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