Help with Digital Publishing

I hate it the very thought of doing it myself, but those in the know claim that to get digital books just right, you may have to hand edit some of the machine-generated code. If you love the fact that Scrivener can generate epub files, but have some text in your book, particularly poetry, that needs that sort of hand tweaking, you might want to get two free O’Reilly books that were mentioned on a recent eBooks Ninjas podcast:

HTML 5 for Publishers

What is EPUB 3?

You can search for them by title here:

You do have to give O’Reilly contact information for this free ‘purchase,’ but not your credit card information. You can download versions in all the standard formats, including PDF, mobi, and epub.

And if you have an Amazon account and only want to read the books on a Kindle or in a Kindle app, you can get those same books, also for free, from Amazon. That has the added advantage of letting you markup and take notes that Amazon will store. Of course, that also means that, forever thereafter, Amazon will brand you a hard-core geek and send you numerous emails about books on programming.

Finally, if you like to hear digital publishing pros discussing and often squabbling over their craft, you might want to listen to the weekly eBook Nijas podcast. It’s available via iTunes subscription or from here:

I listen to discover insights from people who’re doing what I don’t want to do. I refuse to ‘code’ the books I write. That, I tell myself, is why I use Scrivener and InDesign.